Hands-on, readymade, pret-a-porter clothes with more than just a little

of a touch of originality. 

Robbie and Victor's clothes are colourful, hip, and playful

and definitely do not blend in to the prevailing urban landscape.

Not for the fainthearted.

Recycling is their battlecry. Old jerseys become wooly leggings,

men's shirts are lengthened into exotic summer dresses,

old suit jackets are appliqued into innovative tops.

Sewing is art and art is a craft. Hand knitting,beading. embroidery, applique and stencil-

printing find their way into the creations.

These are outfits for those not afraid of being seen.In their alternative fashion shows they display their latest work in

informal and fun ways.A theatrical event with a tongue in cheek attitude to the standard sterile catwalk parade. The show is

followed by the oppertunity to shop,meet the designers and volunteer models and just generally have some fun.They are

always looking for new models, male and female, old and young, beautiful and ugly, and if you've ever wanted to take a

walk down the catwalk please do contact them. To be informed of their regular shows please contact them and ask to be

added to the mailing list.