ROBBIE BAARS - South Africa                                                

 As an artist specialising in textile printing,

 and seeking life outside of Apartheid

 I chose for Amsterdam where I soon    met up with the Azart Ship of Fools

With this uncanny sailing theatre company I sailed                      

 for 17 years, as costume and set designer, director,                   

full time crew member and sailor. So it was, at sea                     

 I honed my skills as comic actor - clown!

I believe that ART IS FUNCTIONAL

  and healing and political and necessary.      





   As actor, stage and theatre designer, and stilt-  walking    

   fashion designer I came to EUROPE (through Spain) 

   on a scholarship to a workshop  in theatre design.

   There I met and   joined the Azart Ship of Fools with whom I worked and  

   sailed primarily as director and clown. But also as sailor, producer, 

    film-maker, full-time crew member and design. The sea brought me

    life and that from life comes theatre. I do strongly belive that  we have 

    to work  towars our dreams,and make it hapend ,life is short and is lot to do .


 Together we have elegantly fled the life of the sea of folly and returned to Amsterdam where we have set up our independent theatre company and fashion design studio. Here we actively seek co-operation with artists and artistes and together with all the holy,

endeavour to pursue our peculiar form of ART.  




I Fratelli la Strada .

Gaspar Lukacs .  Esguep.   Musician




Johana de wid.  Musician,and designer 

 Maribel Bacardit . Painter and desiger 

 Dirk zaal . Web master

Alex Kaseta . video artist 

Diva von dada           Erik Hendrixs . Video atist