Erotic Comedy  

Encountering sexuality as a narrative, we offer a deligthful series of erotic and dramatic tales. Narrating sensuality in a comic form. Comedia del Arte finds here a sensual voice where the players undress their intimate desires and expose themselves unashamedly to an astonished and captivated audience. Extravagance, burlesque, farce, fetish, bring the viewer out of their comfort zone into a confrontation with the dark side of societies sexual taboos. 



The Tourvel Affair 

 Madame de Tourvel indulges in an affair with a younger man while her rich old husband is out on a business trip to Paris. Oh what fun! Until the husband returns, unexpectedly soon, to find his wife in the arms of..... another! Another husband with horns? Or will swords be drawn? 

12 minutes 


Asian Tale 

Once upon a time there was a very unhappy Emperor. No one could find a cure for his troubles, not even a 

very kind and very beautiful Geisha with all her charms, nor the Doctor with all advanced treatments could do anything. But

there was his trusty sumo-wrestling master who, in a very peculiar circumtance, found the solution and cure to his unhappy existence.

A homoerotic tale set in ancient China with all its exotic splendour and strange music. 



The Nuns

The love that can never name its name. What to do when her beloved rejects her utterly? Only a miracle can calm her broken heart and the Blessed Virgin Mary always keeps a secret. A vision with a lesbian lilt.



Red Riding Hood 

Inspired by the fairy tales, Red Riding Hood and Pinochio have a sensual encounter in the woods. Our dapper hero finds the hapless maiden and saves her in exchange for a kiss. A kiss with consequences as she well knows how to thank the boy. A daring, no holds barred show with a fiery, orgasmic finale.


 Porno Show  (10 minutes )



The King and the Queen  

(Fernando de Aragon e Isabel la Catolica)

The king and the Queen of Spain are experiencing marital problems while sitting iconically on their thrones.  We all know how important it is for the crown to be blessed with an heir, but Fernando will have to try all kinds of tricks to convince his catholic wife. But you never know what a woman in power might have under her..... dress.

Set in the medieval ages.  6 minutes.


The big Dictator  

 To many tales had  being told about that infamouse  caracter, the one that veerybody hate ,but some how trought 

history he always manage to be there , one of the famouse deviance of human caracter ,a Dictator , this time we  point  the camera to 

a place where is very little told about them , what hapend at the bedroom of such unspeakably being , Here we have  the diktator and his Mistrees ,because there always as being one. 





Aliens  interlude 

 There was a day when two bizarre creatures  landed on planet earth , and went shopping ,looking for a pet ,they found a cute little dog .But what hapenned  next ,nobody could ever imagine . Are  juicy earthling  dogs appropriate for a vital aphrodisiac  liquer ? Yes  they are  ! 

 And so the Aliens  engage in an extraordinary ritual ,the begining of procreating a new life  Alien  child . Mission acomplished  and our two explorer , Voltaren and Zequista  aprove  future  intergalactic  trade  relation  with Earth .  A funny ,bizarre ,visually spectacular and weird tale .