The Cabinet of Dr Sinester 

A lovely lady and her dog meet a kind gentleman while out for a walk in the park and accepts his invitation for tea. But she could never imagine the horrible destiny that awaits her at the hands of the of the evil Dr Sinester.

Set in 19th century this piece is a pure simphony of horror and perversion.



 12 minutes of pure horror. 




The Infatuation of Professor Heinrich 

Professor Louis Heinrich creates a love potion, the grand opus of his career as a scientist, and soon he meets the ravishing Enrietta Baker, cabaret artiste. His infatuation leads him to try his potion out on her and Enrietta falls hopelessly in love. But happy marriage as a successful experiment soon turns into a bizarre tale of horror.



12 mInutes of passion and horror 





Nemesis and the Night Stalker 

A young maiden flees her father's house in a desperate attempt to escape an unwanted marriage. Alone and lost in the woods she finds a forgotten castle, where she seeks shelter and finds a horrible destiny. A VAMPIRE WITH NO MONEY .  A vampire story that mixes puppets and actors, fantasy and economic crisis, giving this show a special touch as a horror story.