Walking Acts 


Animating any event, being hosts or simply entertaining your guests in an altogether extravagant manner. That is how we like it. And nobody will be indiferent to us. Bizarre images walking around give any event a special, over the top, flavor. Interactive shows that demand the participation of the public and make them laugh. Yes! This is after all the ultimate goal of the comedian.  

The elegant Lady Vagina and Lord Arsehole have a very particular way of giving away kisses and candy. A french kiss from our lovely lady and a daring invitation to take a sweetie from the inside of Lord Arshole. 






Gothic Aliens 

Inspired by the ever popular science fiction movies, we have created these fantastic creatures that will amaze every audience. As they light up they are particularly effective at night. 



  RobotGirl .    

 Beautiful inocent girl ,not without her  charms ,beaware  you can have a sorprize