Bob & Bob Children Theatre Show


    A children's theatre show in the purest old style of clowns.

   Bob and Bob, friends and neighbours, take the children through a hilarious

   and messy chain of events, from a small act of mischief to full scale war.

  The children are asked to participate in the question of

   agression and revenge and if fighting is the way to sort out a problem.

   Played in Dutch with song and dancd and puppets

   Premiered at Landjuweel Ruigoord Full Moon August


   Direction - Viktorioso
   Design - Robbie
   Script - Olifanttakeover 
   Actors - Robbie Baars and Victor Ormazabal
   Music -  Gaspar Lucacks Esguep
   Thanks to - Diva von Dada, Plantage Doklaan 

    Time      30 minutes