Tales of the bed chamber


Using the concept of adult clownery, the comic actors,  (Viktor Ormazabal of Chile and Robbie Baars of South Africa), developed their original sketches intended for a fetish party public into the "Tales of the Bed Chamber" theatre piece. These tales, set as far afield as the17th century French court, a 19th century  bedroom  or in abstract out of anytime where  we invite our audience  to laugh  and think on diferent possibilities that the art of make love can turn to. , the show is  dressed in exquisite costume, (clothed or naked),and all occur around a bed and place where you born and die ,the play is an  hilarious, daring, and extravagant   Sex and evil, innocence and lust, depraved dramas that shock as much as they delight. In short stories with erotic twists that investigate societiy's taboos, the Porno Clowns open up the 'forbidden' world of sex and make us laugh. After all sex is fun.    


40 minutes  show