Theatre Team, Designers Atelier and Art Quest…

We use the COMIC to express the DRAMA of the TRAGEDY of the FOLLY of society

We mix all styles. CABARET ABSURD SURREALISTA EXPRESIONISTA  Y GESTUAL  , everything is possible when  we  tell our stories.

We create all, plot, stage design, costumes, videos...

We are story tellers with a hilarious, daring and extravagant touch.



We believe it is time that the monkeys return to the trees and let the Olifant Take Over. Have a looooooooooook at.






we are a independent theatre  company base in   Amsterdam since   2009.  After more than 11 years of travelling together and making shows in and around Europe with the sailing theatre company, Azart The Ship of Fools, we, Robbie Baars and Viktor Ormazabal, were ready for a new art quest, this time on land under our own new flag. We started out on a new road, the making of our own unique form of comic theatre and fashion design. Our comedy seeks out the weak links of the human being, explores new faces, this time crossing boundaries to experience the extreme. We explore erotic themes in a new comedy exclusively directed to adults, performing in clubs and party settings, in search of the night-life audiences. Recently we started to explore the theatre of the Grand Guigniol and have created funny horror stories, appropriate for young and old, soon to be shown on tour around Europe.


The Theatre.     


We mix all styles and there are no limits or boundaries in our theatre. The work is always oriented to comedy, as we believe this to be the best instrument with which to comment on the weaknesses of our society. It is liberating in that we laugh at what mankind prefers not to talk about. In our stories you will find elements of the absurd theatre, satire, cabaret, comedia-del-arte and puppet theatre. We very often perform without text, using gestual theatre as in silent movies, where the music serves to set the ambience and tell the plot. The costumes, clothed or unclothed, are a joy to the eye, the set - expressionist vignettes. All combine to create a spicy dish of pure theatre entertainment .