Janjie de Fish

Puppet theatre for Children... Jantje de Vis... is an underwater adventure, that  begins in the canals of Amsterdam and takes us all the way to the big ocean. Jantje is a Baars fish with a  problem... he cannot breathe very well because of    the water pollution and plastic.  One day a beautiful mermaid tells him how he should seek help  and find the magician Karel Krab, a wise old crab who lives on a far flung sea shore. And so Jantje, a keen and eager young fish, sets off on a scary yet colourful journey. It will bring our little hero to meet wonderful and exotic creatures who guide him on his long and arduous adventure to find the magician crab and ask of him the solution to the sea's garbage problem.

Direction . Viktorioso

art  Robbie baars

Music . Johana de widt and  Dico Fieldhouse