The infatuation of dr Heinrich

Berlin  1930   , nightlife  ,cabaret , a very  daring society  where anything can happen ,there was  dr Heinrich   a mad professor   a gentlemen immerse on his laboratory, obsess whit a life  long project, the discovering of love  mechanism   that occurs on a biological level in the body, the fluid that moves in the body and made one person fall in love with another . His greatest mind after a long time work rich with a combination of fluid and create a love poison, that might be tried in a subject, and for that professor, Heinrich had a very good idea on whom to try that wonder. There was a famous artist, Enrietta baker, to whom he was totaly infatuate with and a perfect subject for his dangerous experiment. One night he presents himself in the Cabaret blue moon,  where Enrieta was performing, and there he gives her the poison, which Enrieta had no idea about it, she faints, and when recover she has eyes for only one man. The professor,  he was triunfant and marry the women.  She left the night life to became a housewife completely in love with the man, but the wedding night did had a surprise,  Enrieta Baker as a secret that horrified the professor and destroys his happiness, but not for Enrieta . There is when tragedy begins, and on desperation to try to find a cure and get rid of the women, a second poison when wrong and she became an abominable creature that had not to love anymore but pure hate and desire of revenge.