Pupet Theatre

A theatre show in miniature. A recreation of life and its characters on a small scale. Animated rod puppets tell us their story, inviting us to an extraordinary world that challenges our imagination. Like the humans, their stories are full of joy and sorrow, a poetry of life that permits us to see the world we inhabit from a different perspective. We might be charmed by the beauty of this fine art, but what they tell us goes way deeper, to our human desires, fantasies, fears and pain. Just as life is a beautiful cocktail of emotions that help the wheel of time move inexorably forward. As creators we concentrate on social and environmental issues and we extrapolate from our experiences and our visions making a show that no one can be indifferent to.‚Äč


Billy the Phantom

This story is set in the leather world of Amsterdam, where young Billy, who like many, is in search of his one true love. A love he is not able to see because of his addictions. Out hunting one night in the leather bars he meets Kevin, an English tourist, with whom he goes home for a steamy session of sex and drugs. But fate tragically decrees that this will be his last adventure.


Luda Red Light

The famous windows of Amsterdam, with the ladies ready to please, is the home of Luda. An illegal immigrant from Eastern Europe, she works offering her beauty to eager clients. Mr Smith, an over eager drunk tourist, tries to get his way with her but how could he know that his night of debauchery might end in a very bad way if he does not respect a woman, even one selling her body from behind a window.