Burlesque Entertainment

 Rita Rose and the Monkey Hanuman    is a hilarious  show inspirate on the classic  burlesque rutine ,  giving a special twist ,  they are clowns ,  there  is on the show  a comic element  that give the show a funny sometime outrages  that touch read lines,  but as in comedy the ingenious of the player made the  gags a wonderful tribute to the wonderful  Ladies  that had  being takeing oof the clothes all along and for very long.


Lord Asshole     is a boylesque show , made as a walking act on the begining ,but soon he found and element of play ,where  The Lord  have  his way to take off his clothes ,to reveal  his true nature ,  A big  bum that enjoy   to  greets his audience  with 1 only hand  to give them their cookie .  sometime  can be  a chocking image  but above all   always comic .