Rob chronicles june 2018

The beginning is the most important part of the work” Plato
And so I begin with this blog documenting and celebrating the comings and goings, the woes and the wherefore, the ups and the downs of the ever stupendous theatre duo, Olifanttakeover.
I am Robbie and he is Victor, and together we make, create and perform all the bizarre things you see in this our newly furbished website.
We have just recovered from our long weekend away in the idyllic grounds of the Landgoed
Algoed farm in Enschede (East Netherlands) at the 4th edition of the Ooh La La festival. Andwhat a wonderful festival it was. Friendly people, mind expanding workshops, great concerts and above all lots of happy hippies. And how happy they were, and somewhat shocked, at our newly revised Strictly No Children Allowed Adult Puppet Show…. ???????? name????. In the intimate setting of our own yurt we created a little red light theatre on the field and presented our show six times to well over 50 people.

Confronting to say the least. Imagine coming out of a dance meditation workshop to take a quick break seeing a puppet show. Light entertainment???
Prostitutes and their desperate punters, blow jobs, violence, rape, death by drug cocktail overdose and death by murder. Confronting to say the least. So much so that one woman came
up to us after the show to thank us and relate her own experiences of abuse at the hands of men while working 20 years in a window in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. certainly a good reason to believe in what we do and continue doing it.  And what we do is SEX. Well we make theatre and performances around this taboo. Mixed with a bit of horror, surrealism and a big dose of comedy.

And continue doing it we will. It has just been confirmed that we will be doing ?????? name???? again at Landjuweel 2018 on the 27th and 28th of July. This is a long going festival in the originally squatted village of Ruigoord just outside Amsterdam. A famous 3 day party of music,
dancing, parades, children, art and hippies.. again. Lots of them. So do come, let down your hair and have some fun. Look out for our yurt somewhere in the middle of the main field. For information about the festival check out But book early…. it gets full quickly. And talking about yurts it seems we are invited to bring it along to the Wasteland Summer Fest
2018, but this time with a real theatre performance inside. What that would be will be the surprise of the day, but rest assured it will be shocking, seductive and sexy. But what is Wasteland? For those who know it is a free podium for every kind of fetish and sexual expression, consensual, non violent and adults only. We will create an intimate and serious theatre atmosphere inside our tent, an escape from the hurly burly and the noise of the DJs of
the outside world. Rake out your summer latex and come….. 7th July,

Thuishaven Terrein, Amsterdam. Checkout for info and tickets. Other upcoming events include Valtifest 2018 but more on that later. But if you truly want to see us you will find us often performing in the Supper Club in the centre of Amsterdam city. A great restaurant, cordon bleu food, decadent reclining beds, dj, vj AND four performances a night. Our
forthcoming schedule to perform there is June the 6th, 13th, 14th, 27th and the 28th. To book a dinner there go to but know that you can also just walk in for a drink or two. Well my dears a new beginning requires a long blog as an opening but it will not be the last.
REMEMBER enjoy the summer (or winter if you are there down south), enjoy theatre, enjoy life
and if nothing come and see us and enjoy Olifanttakeover.