Erotics Tales

The tourvel affairs .    Mm the  Tourvel  secreat encounter with her you lover when the  husband is not at home but traveling  out town . A comedy show  playful and explicit  images ,pure clownery  inspired on the  clasic Molliere   comedy style . What hapend when the husband  turn out earlier at home and the lovers  ar just begining the  foreplay .  Jelousy,tragedy,love and lust


Asian Tale     The emperor of japan,have  being  taking time to find amaiden partner  on his life ,he seems very unhappy with his sexual performance ,  not any women could help him on this  somehow  delicate situation .To the court come a dr  offering all sort of sollution   for  difunction of the membrum virilis , but when seems  nothing work , the  gymnastic and wxwecise master ,seems to have the solution  to his problems.  A tale adress to a  gay audience , witty  fully  entertainment .

My name is Christine Naughty  Nuns     a sweet young nun and  mother superior  have a picnic  on a glorious day whe angels sing along  with the birds ,ona wonderfull  early afternoon , sunny day , the young nuns was so inspirate that prepare a a wonderful performance  for the older nun, but  what  she  was about to see is a pasionate delaration of pure love  ,Mother superior   awsnwer could not wait and  he lefth alone and in shame the young nun  sobing  her love pain ,but what she could never thought ,is that miracles really exist . Mother mary come into the rescue . Story  made to adress  the lesbian  colective  .There is always a Mary for you girls.


Diktators affairs      All those  who dare to  clim up into power  and succsed ,all those that abuse the same power  and rule ,those always have a story a screat one  that had not  ever being told . The diktator and the Domina a secret affair .