Horror tales

Dr sinister : Set on a 19 century style , this horror tales is the story of a women ,that is kidnap ,torture and transform  into a horrid  creature , but what dr sinester dint spect was the sorprizing change  into the story  that will change his life for ever . Inspired on thetree of grand guiniol  end of 19 century  and german expresionist silence movie . Dr sinister is a pure comedy,horror drama  .



The night stalker  .   and old castle in the forest get a visit , a young maiden fleing from a force marriage ,but what he found on this  new shelter was  pure horror ,where was not compasion ,but a new love for eternity  , somehow  sorprisingly a  new begining into inmortal life  at the side of the Night stalker. This story is play  with puppet and real actors at the stage 


The infatuation of Dr Heinrich 

Berlin  1930   , dr Heinrich  invent a love poison  that  want to used   on Enrieta  Baker a  primadona  from night life  clubs in Berlin  , he was totaly in love with  her , till  she  fall completely in love with him  because the love poison he  create  , but what Heindrich didnt knew   that his hapiness soon  will turn into  horror ,  a svery  distresing story of love , pasion and pain